What if Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Wrote a Dear Doctor Letter?

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Silly Fantasy for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

What if we could say whatever we think to a doctor? Sometimes, I imagine what it would be like to write the doctor a letter. Here is my imaginary letter.

Some Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient Secrets

Dear Doctor,

Well, I’ve been looking forward to our appointment next week. It’s been several months. I hope you are doing well.

When I come in, you don’t usually have much time to talk. There are always more things I wish I had told you, so I thought it might help if we discuss a couple things ahead of time.

I haven’t been getting any better. To tell the truth, the RA seems to be worse all the time. I take my medicines as prescribed, but I’m not sure how much they help me.

Should I be getting better? Things in my life are getting really behind. All the time, I require more help and I’m starting to worry how bad it will get.

When you examine me, pulling and pinching my joints is pretty painful, but I guess it has to be done. If you ever want to save time, you can ask me which ones give me the most trouble. I promise I’ll tell the truth.

If it’s okay, I want to let you know I’ve had some trouble in the lab. The technician pulls my arm up hard by the elbow. She tells me to keep it like that, but my shoulder just can’t do it. She also wants my elbow completely straight. No can do. She gets pretty mad about that. Sometimes, I feel like she’s trying to prove a point with me. Does she know anything about RA? I never complain, but whenever I go to the lab, I leave in worse shape.

There’s one more thing. Sometimes, you interrupt me, saying things like: “Oh, everyone has that” or “Well, my joints do that too.” Most of my life was lived without this constant RA flare, so I do have something to compare it to. I feel like I’ve lived on both sides of the fence, so I’m asking you to trust me when I tell you what it’s like to be the Rheumatoid Arthritis patient.

Going to doctor appointments is not something I do to get attention. I do have friends and family to tell my troubles to. I’m so glad to have found a wonderful doctor such as you, but please understand: I have a full life with plenty of more interesting things in it than going to the doctor. I don’t spend my time going to the doctor unless I really need to go. So, when I come in, I really just need your help.


A Rheumatoid Arthritis patient

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