Anyone Else Lose Time Thanks to Rheumatoid Disease?

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I lost another week. Anyone know where I put it?

sunset after track meetSeems like the left side of my cervical spine had an inflammation party this week. I ended up with some swelling that pinched the nerve going down the back of my arm and pushed a rib out near my shoulder blade. The orthopedic doc figures it will pass in a few days, and I agree, at least based on my experience. My neck is never “ok,” but it doesn’t stay at the “unbearable” level forever. I couldn’t get anything “accomplished” this week, yet steroids, muscle relaxers, and handfuls of ibuprofen are making it more bearable.

I feel frustrated with “bearable” when I’d rather be accomplishing something. On the other hand, when the pain is “less bearable,” I’m rather eager for it to go back to bearable. Do you ever feel like that?

When days are missing, can we ever catch up? Yes and no. No, some things did not or will not get done. But, I’ll always argue that we are ahead in other ways…

Hopefully next week, I’ll be more productive in the usual sense of the word. Meanwhile, hopefully my heart or spirit keeps growing in other ways.

3 important things I need to tell you!

1) The don’t-let-a-disease-win Blog Carnival is on. If you have any type of blog (does not need to be an “RA blog”), share your strategy for not letting a chronic disease get the better of you! Click here to read more.

2) Last week I posted the video of my speech at the Institute of Medicine. The video was there when I finished and went to sleep, but in a funny dog-ate-my-homework sort of move, it disappeared from WordPress by morning. It’s restored now, so click here to watch.

3) TWELVE new stories have been added to the Rheumatoid Disease Onset Story Project. I can’t begin to tell you the value they’ve had to readers and how much they inform others about this disease. In their own words, people share unvarnished stories of how their disease began.

Postblog: Thank you so much Mom for the airdesk so I could type this! And Happy Birthday!

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