Celebrities and Rheumatoid Arthritis, Part 3: Being our own celebrities

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Last weekend, I teased Julie and some other RA’ers, “So how do you ya’ll look in high heels on the red carpet?” My joke has haunted me since then. What can we do to be our own celebrity spokespersons? What exactly can we accomplish?

Ideas, part 1

How can regular folks like us become advocates for RA awareness? I have some ideas I can offer you now and a few others cooking on the back burner. I am sure that together with all of your creativity, we can take awareness for Rheumatoid Arthritis to the next level.

  • Inform: It has been said before, but it cannot be left out. Take time to tell the truth to anyone who seems open to hearing about RA. Just be honest.
  • Write: Many of you already blog or comment online. Don’t forget about that ancient form of communication, the newspaper. Submit a letter to the editor or a short article about RA. It may be your own writing or something that you have found. This could also work for magazines, if it’s flashy enough.
  • Show and Tell: I have seen several YouTube videos about RA and JRA. Make your own video. Be factual and calm or be funny and sarcastic. Show some scars or deformities along with your smile and tell your story.
  • Media    Submit a video (yours or one from YouTube) to a local TV station, asking them to consider doing a news feature on RA. It could be a feature on you or another RA’er or on Rheumatoid Arthritis in general. If you love your rheumatologist, you could even suggest they do a piece on him/her.
  • Trade: If you have a blog, arrange to trade posts for a day with a blogger / friend in another niche. You can tell a whole new audience about RA. This will work if you are careful to just “share” and be a little inspiring.
  • Wear the message: I have some T-shirts that will be on this site soon. But you can buy them elsewhere on the web. You can buy awareness gear from the RA Warrior store on Zazzle.

Ideas, part 2?

I know who our celebrities are. They are you. I now turn it over to you for Part 2. Tell us your new ideas and what you are already doing for RA awareness.


Be encouraged

This year has been the beginning of a new stage in Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness. There has been a flurry of activity. Dozens of new Rheumatoid Arthritis blogs went live (yours truly included). Sara Nash was interviewed on WebMD’s RAtv recently. Tiffany Westrich / Buckle Me Up Movement began their video series on real life with RA.

The Photo

My feet were the first to blow up with full-blown Rheumatoid Arthritis. So, pretty shoes are a rarity. Short version of this story: my daughter found these Liz Claiborne shoes recently at Marshall’s for only ten dollars. I have trained her to be a clearance shopper. Although there is no red carpet, I thought it suited this story since one of the very first divas in our movement, Sara Nash,  uses her red shoes as her avatar. So, I posed for this pic as also a tip of the hat to her.

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