Rheumatoid Arthritis and the Kitchen: Hey, We All Eat!

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RA Kitchen: Rheumatoid arthritis diet, and a lot more

The new season of Hell’s Kitchen had a lot of people excited. I thought about how that name could apply to cooking with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Now wouldn’t that be a different show…

If you are like me, working in the kitchen is very different than it used to be. But we all still eat. And most of us still cook – at least some.

However, we need easier –FASTER – recipes. We often need different tools. We need ideas for getting more of those certain ingredients into our food: Omega 3’s, anti-oxidants, and vitamins to fight infection… And, by the way, we need patience from the peanut gallery. Hard to do when you’re hungry, I know. Actually, in my house, all the kids help. The more they help, the sooner they eat!

I am putting together a new section of the Warrior website called RA Kitchen. We are looking for all of your favorite kitchen and eating ideas for RA. I hope we can help each other by sharing recipes that are either RA-easy or RA-diet healthy. What are your top tips, tools, and ways to cope in the kitchen?

Send them to me! You can see lots of them already on the site in the growing RA Kitchen pages found on the top menu!  You can send pictures too. Let me know whether or not you want your name or a link to your blog to appear. RA Kitchen will also include cookbook reviews, contests, and – of course – funnies.

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