Rheumatoid Arthritis and the Kitchen, Part 2

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pumpkin milkshake 1

My own pumpkin milkshake recipe is my first entry!

If I weren’t blogging about Rheumatoid Arthritis, I might be a foodie blogger. Like I said before, “Hey, we all eat!” Like most of you, I love food.

For many years, we did not have cable TV. The biggest thrill when we went to gramma’s house or a hotel room? You guessed it: the Food Channel.

I collect cool cookbooks. I love re-print cookbooks from Colonial days. And, once upon a time – or four – I began to write a cookbook.

That is only one reason that I am having a blast with RA Kitchen. Another reason is that people are always leaving neat tips for me in different places and The Kitchen will make it so much easier to get them all into a central location. It will be like putting something on the fridge with a magnet so you won’t forget.

Another reason that RA Kitchen is so enjoyable is that we have some heavy topics to discuss around here. It can get demoralizing to discuss mortality statistics, doctor’s notes, and medication options… RA Kitchen will be a happier challenge for us.

Today, I have opened The Kitchen door with the first entries for the recipe pages. The other pages are well under way and I know you will send me more terrific stuff for them. Let’s go have fun in the kitchen!

pumpkin milkshake 2









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