Mayo Clinic Contest! 5 Ways Patients Can Make a Difference!

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1) Rheumatology patients are teaching medical students in Britain!

The biggest difference patients can make is to help the medical profession understand their conditions better. Patient instructors in rheumatology are instructing undergraduate and postgraduate medical students are viewed as “an excellent, relatively under-utilised, resource.” “They are especially effective at enhancing students’ understanding of the impact of living with a chronic condition.” This program is in the UK, but prospects are increasing elsewhere.

2) Donate your photo to the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation

The Rheumatoid Patient Foundation (RPF), the non-profit patient organization working to improve the lives of Rheumatoid disease patients through education, advocacy, and research wants to use real patients in its publications instead of just cheap stock photos. New brochures will be printed in the next few weeks that will then find their way into doctors’ offices to help newly diagnosed patients! This is the most requested product of RPF from doctors – materials to help their patients manage RA.



  • Be sure to use the most clear & high resolution photos you have.
  • Send photos with smiling faces or warm embraces! Outdoors or with pets too!
  • We also need portraits of pregnant moms or new moms & babies for a pregnancy brochure.
  • Go to this link to upload your photos:
  • Please don’t crop them down! Let us trim to needed shapes!

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3) Scholarship from Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media

MCCSM is offering a scholarship contest for patients and caregivers to attend its Social Media Summit and related events Oct. 15-19, 2012, in Rochester, MN. This scholarship is for those who have been engaged as a patient or caregiver demonstrating a strong commitment to enhancing health and healthcare delivery via patient empowerment; but have not, because of financial constraints, been able to attend this type of conference previously. To enter: Download and complete the Official Application here at this link. More on the official contest rules here at this link.

4) Poll of how RA has affected you or the one you care for

Where has RA affected you (or your loved one)? Check any answers that apply.

“Feet, Hands, Knees, Elbows, Spine (back), Spine (neck), Jaw, Eyes, Shoulders, Hips, Vascular (veins), Heart, Lungs, Digestive system, Voice /vocal cords, Sternum (chest / ribs), Wrists, Ankles, Other – Joints, Other – Non-joint…” Click here to participate in the poll.

5) Print some information about RA to share!

Some of the most important resources from RA Warrior are being collected on this page – click here. You have permission to print any of the resources there as long as this site is credited as the source. Keep the link because we’ll be adding more items in the future.

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