You’re Cordially Invited to Make SWEET MEMORIES with Other Warriors & Friends! [video]

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Happy moments at the GatheringOur friends at Arthritis Introspective (AI) do so much practical work to help people living with diseases like RA (and adult JRA) to connect for in-person support. Many of the groups listed on our own Local Rheumatoid Arthritis Support page are affiliated with AI, who assists local support groups in various ways. It has been exciting to watch new support groups and friendships form through this page.

The other BIG program of AI is the annual national gathering of people with autoimmune diseases like RA, JRA, and AS. Here’s my report with pictures from last year’s G4 event. This year, I’ll be participating by presenting about being an e-patient and becoming involved in our own healthcare decisions.

I’ll give you 5 reasons to consider attending Sweet Memories G5!


1) I really want to see you there!  Meeting other warriors there will probably be the highpoint of my trip! Apologies to organizers Vince and Peter!

2) You might learn something! After all, they’ve worked for months to create stimulating programs!

3) Spending time with other people living with the same issues as you will help you feel encouraged, inspired, and empowered to fight on to have as much of life as possible!

4) Learn more about the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation (RPF) at our exhibit.

5) You’ll make sweet memories that will last a lifetime! If you come, you’ll pick this for number 1!

Details on Sweet Memories AI Gathering in Sugar Land Texas March 9-12

The Gathering will take place in Sugar Land, Texas at the Sugar Land Marriot in Town Square. Themed “Sweet Memories” the conference will showcase educational awareness with fifteen sessions from which to choose. The topics will include addressing parenting, nutrition, therapy, communication, and relationships, just to name a few. As an added bonus, Arthritis Introspective encourages its attendees to bring their spouses, caregivers, significant others, friends, and family to an educational track created specifically for support systems. The National Gathering also includes numerous social activities in order to strengthen the relationships of those attending.

Click here to learn more about the hotel, the schedule, or to register now.

EASY way to earn donations for the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation:

DON’T FORGET! If you registered to complete the brief anonymous survey to earn a $25 donation to the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation, PLEASE keep an eye on your email and be sure to complete your survey as soon as you receive it! Please also remind any friends who may have registered for the survey too.

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