RA Warrior Year in Review 2010

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Where did 2010 go?

I’m not sure. But apparently I spent a lot of it with y’all! I spent the last week looking at the road we traveled over the last year on the blog. I researched to find the most popular posts for reading or discussion and tried to remember what I was thinking at the time. Many of the best posts are listed in this slideshow.

The slideshow is published on Slideshare so you can play or pause it as you like and you can click on the links in it to blog posts – they’re live. I’ve also published the slideshow as a video on YouTube for those who prefer that format. The YouTube video links are not live, but the titles are all listed in the Archive at the bottom of this page, organized by month.

What I learned making the slideshow:

  1. I need to fix my about pages. I just thought no one looked at them because I don’t.
  2. People are reading a lot of things they are not commenting on. Hurray! People are using the RA Map, and the Factsheets, and the Onset stories. I don’t have time to do that kind of analysis most of the time and those pages don’t get many comments so I was not aware of how popular they are.
  3. Patients are looking for information online as much as for connection. Well, we knew that, but it’s good to confirm our hunches.

Are we there yet?

No! There are a lot of exciting plans for 2011 that I can’t wait to share! But, one thing at a time. Let’s enjoy the slide show for a few days!

The winter Spear newsletter went out just before Christmas

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Recommended reading:

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