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10 Misconceptions About Chronic Disease Many People Believe

You can’t understand illness by just looking at a person Very soon after being diagnosed with RA, I learned that most people have beliefs about chronic illness that are hard to overcome. When one neighbor, friend, and family member after another dismissed me, I did the same thing most people with Rheumatoid Disease (PRD) do: I...Continue reading      55 Comments » Read more

Invisible Illness and the Public: She Hit Me with Her Cane

Tomorrow I’m traveling to San Diego for the ACR annual meeting. I’ll be taking a proverbial chill pill (and some real meds) and hoping all goes smoothly. For weeks we’ve done all we can to be ready! This story occurred a couple of months ago... Did anyone ever give you a dirty look for using handicapped...Continue reading      46 Comments » Read more

If the Gloves Come Off, We Might See the Irony of Rheumatoid Disease

What if the gloves never come off and no one ever knows. Then you end up with a serious disease that everyone thinks is no big deal; it’s just arthritis. But who wants to take them off? I sure don’t. Professional patient days Today was one of those professional patient days – when you have to spend time...Continue reading      98 Comments » Read more

You Look Fine – Wall of Confusion Surrounding Rheumatoid Disease

Confusion surrounding rheumatoid disease is like a wall between those who have and those who have not - the disease. Where does this come from and what can be done? Overcoming confusion surrounding rheumatoid disease When I first started blogging about Rheumatoid Disease, I wrote about The Wall. In answer to an email from a good friend who...Continue reading      63 Comments » Read more

Invisible Illness Awareness Video

Positively Real: Keeping the Discussion Real without Sugar Coating Everyone with an “invisible illness” owes such a debt to Lisa Copen, founder of Invisible Illness Awareness Week. She has done so much to provide support to people with “invisible illnesses” like Rheumatoid disease. I don’t know if she coined that term, but she certainly popularized it. This...Continue reading      6 Comments » Read more

Never Mind! 3 Lessons for Evidence-based Medicine and RA

Clash between patient voices and science? Previously, we talked about a controversy over evidence in medicine with the withdrawal of Avastin for breast cancer. It was also a vigorous discussion of how evidence-based medicine relates to RA so I hope you’ll read it again – I did. Today, we see a couple of news stories where...Continue reading      7 Comments » Read more

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