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I Want My Life Back

RA can hurt so bad that even tough guys cry. Lately, I’ve cried for a different reason. I want my life back so much. I want to run on the beach, but I stumble running to the bathroom. I want to hold a tennis racquet, but most days can’t hold a TV remote properly. Want to...Continue reading      65 Comments » Read more

The Now-I-Understand Abbott Suit for Rheumatoid Arthritis

What’s the one thing I’ve said more than anything else over the last five years? “No one understands.” I sigh it quietly. I mutter it under my breath. I exclaim it loudly in frustration. I struggle to say it through tears. But I don’t think I’ve ever blogged it. Who doesn’t understand? The professional people I associate with...Continue reading      33 Comments » Read more

Encouragement: with a Little Help from My Friends

Don’t you want me to help you with that? No. I want to be able to do it myself. I can do that for you. I know you can, I wish I could. Is there anything I can do? No, I want to feel like I can do something. Do you have any problem asking for help? Or...Continue reading      23 Comments » Read more

Easier Said Than Done: Simple Things That Seem Impossible

Does anyone ever make a suggestion that they think sounds so easy? The idea is simple, but the reality is more complicated. Sometimes even I imagine it will be easy, until it’s time to do it. Things people suggest for me to do that I find difficult. My brutally honest list. Call your insurance company. I sit...Continue reading      68 Comments » Read more

Adding RA to the SSD Compassion Allowances List?

Hearings receive testimony on RA & other autoimmune diseases Hearings were held yesterday, March 16th, about adding some autoimmune diseases to a list of conditions deemed disabling enough to be given specific consideration and hopefully quicker Social Security Disability approval. The list, called the Compassionate Allowances List currently includes 88 conditions. This week’s hearing was the 7th...Continue reading      26 Comments » Read more

Sleep Quality Affects Disability in Rheumatoid Arthritis

The relationship between Rheumatoid Arthritis, sleep, and disability A small study in 2009 confirmed “Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) negatively affect women's sleep.” It’s no surprise that Rheumatoid Arthritis impacts the sleep of many patients.  Most patients could tell you why: pain, medication side effects, and emotional frustration or depression about chronic illness, chronic pain, and...Continue reading      16 Comments » Read more

The “Can’t” Question with Rheumatoid Arthritis

If someone has a broken leg or a sprained ankle, there is no question about whether he can walk the dog or run in a race. Rheumatoid Arthritis pain and weakness is invisible to the naked eye, but it’s similar to an injury in some ways. Sometimes, the injured person can’t do the same things...Continue reading      61 Comments » Read more

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