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Secondary Sjogren’s Syndrome and Rheumatoid Arthritis: a Primary Problem

Sjogren’s syndrome: have you seen the eye doc yet? When I wrote my first RA Warrior post on Sjogren’s syndrome in 2009, I wasn’t sure whether I’d ever be diagnosed with it. But I thought it was important to cover on the blog. I had a fun idea for illustrating the pronunciation of the name so...Continue reading      33 Comments » Read more

It’s Simple: Who Gets Dactylitis or “Sausage finger”?

Dactylitis and diagnosis A woman I know is an educated patient who has worked hard to make certain she is diagnosed and treated appropriately. Recently, she showed pictures of swollen fingers to her rheumatologist and had her diagnosis changed again. Her doctor explained that the swelling in her photo looked like dactylitis or “sausage finger.” Her new...Continue reading      32 Comments » Read more

Will Venus Williams’ Sjögren’s Syndrome Help RA?

We had an interesting conversation on Facebook yesterday about the Venus Williams' Sjögren’s syndrome diagnosis (actually 5 of them by day’s end). Some were wondering whether the diagnosis of another famous person with an autoimmune (AI) disease will help bring awareness for RA. Probably not. Why not? Celebrities have been diagnosed with RA (and PsA) and...Continue reading      29 Comments » Read more

What is Sjogren’s Syndrome?

What does Rheumatoid Arthritis have to do with Sjogren’s Syndrome? Often we hear of the “characteristic dry eyes of RA.” However, we have more urgent concerns of our Rheumatoid Arthritis. This may be one reason that we don’t know much more about Sjogren’s syndrome. We have often accepted dry eyes as just one more RA symptom without exploring...Continue reading      26 Comments » Read more

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