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The Path of Mercy in Medicine: A Tale of Two Doctors

Physicians enjoy a unique position in our society with unique opportunities to make a difference in others’ lives. With that powerful role, they can choose between a path of mercy and a path of nonchalance. They can be a tool in the hands of God or they can just be a tool. There was the woman...Continue reading      12 Comments » Read more

Do Doctors Need to Love Patients?

The most admired leaders of our country have been the ones who trusted us, valued us, and actually loved us. President Reagan called America a “shining city upon a hill,” a biblical reference to the country’s position of service to the world; and in his final goodbye letter he reminded us that it is still...Continue reading      20 Comments » Read more

Predicting Response to Rheumatoid Arthritis Therapy

The problem of varying responses to RA therapy If you’re following comments on the blog, Twitter, or Facebook, you might have noticed some patients recently have been told by their doctors that that likely don’t have RA because they have not responded well to TNF-a therapies. Sometimes, this comes after a few years of RA treatment. “My...Continue reading      12 Comments » Read more

Santa, Bring Her a Rheumatologist Please

Wanted: good rheumatologists Sonya’s tweet brought me a smile. So much truth in so few words. Those of us with rheum diseases like RA need a good doctor the way most people need a reliable car mechanic. We might crash and burn without it. This is short for two reasons: 1) I don’t have a long list of...Continue reading      57 Comments » Read more

Elephant Jokes for a Happy Two Year Birthday RA Warrior

One reason I love elephants is they remind me of my goal: To become extremely old and gray and much wrinkled, like a good elephant. As you read this, I’m hopefully finding a rheumatologist to help me do that. Elephant jokes to celebrate. Why don’t African elephants like to play cards? Because of all the cheetahs. It wasn’t much...Continue reading      17 Comments » Read more

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