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Today marks one year in the history of Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior

What was the most wonderful thing about writing the RAW blog this year? The people I have met. My life will never be the same. I know I have received more than I could ever give back. I meant it when I wrote that the most splendid people seem to get RA. It has been a great joy to laugh and cry and pray together with precious warriors from all over the world.

The most challenging thing? It was trying to keep up the daily work of writing in the midst of constant pain. I love to do the actual reading and writing required, but pain in my fingers or neck or elbows (you get the idea) can make typing difficult. Of course, since I can’t garden or quilt or do stucco anymore, I’m very grateful to be able to do something productive by writing.

Most frustrating? Technical glitches with computer language and files. It has taken an enormous amount of my time. I’m in the midst of a difficulty right now if any expert would like to volunteer…

Most funny? There have been too many funnies to remember them all here. I remember laughing out loud when I read a comment by Caysea about her medical records. Then there was the time she imagined a doctor reading my blog secretly in the dark to learn more about RA patients. That was hilarious. Of course I always laugh at Dr. Laptop. What was your favorite funny moment?

Most surprising? I was shocked to learn about how many medical professionals view chronic illness and chronic pain, especially Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I had not realized how common it is to see RA as partially a mental /emotional disease. At first, when it became clear to me, I felt offended. Then, I realized that it was just another part of our two-front war on RA.  My original goal was to tell the truth about RA, so I just kept at it. We’ve faced down the “rheumatoid personality” and “hypochondria” monsters like the warriors that we are, while we continued to fight RA with the other hand.

If anybody needs a laugh, here’s a ridiculous take on chronic pan by a doctor on Consultant Live.com. He posted this as a “Key Question for Chronic Pain Sufferers” so docs could ask it of patients who have chronic pain.

Most annoying? It was hard discovering the competitiveness of blogging. I had no idea. There is also lots of spam as folks try to use this site or its Facebook page for their own gain. I could live without that part of it.

Most touching? The young people who have RA or JRA who comment on the blog. Also, some of the most precious are the parents or siblings or spouses of patients who leave comments or send me emails.

What’s next in the history of Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior?

To answer those who’ve asked me, I will continue the blog as long as I can. When I think about quitting, people like this keep me going. There are many projects begun – plenty to keep me busy.

Special thanks to friends at these websites and so many more of you: Authority Blogger Forum, Dual Sport Life, Ricky, Ching Ya, Sue at Lighthouse News, Lisa & Sara from Health Central, plus my special friends on Facebook and Twitter who encourage me every day.

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