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New England Compounding Center and Beyond: Medications Warnings and Dangers

When there are warnings of dangers related to medication, there is greater risk to chronic disease patients for two reasons: First, we may be more likely to use the drugs in question. And second, we are more vulnerable because we have a systemic illness. Several news reports over the past few weeks are especially relevant...Continue reading      8 Comments » Read more

When Should People Living with Rheumatoid Disease Use a Wheelchair?

Or give in to using a cane? Or pain medication? Or a handicapped tag? There was an interesting discussion about wheelchairs and canes on my Facebook post yesterday. At the same time, there were a few other discussions going on about pain medicines. There is such a wide range of needs. But there are some things...Continue reading      67 Comments » Read more

Keeper or Loser: I’m Not Giving Up, But What Do You Think?

Warning: this is one of those rare personal posts specifically about my life, but I thought it was relevant to share. We have two endearing names for rheumatologists which I’ve coined over the years: rheum doc and The Wizard. Rheumatologists are the doctors who decide not to sneak out Osler’s infamous back door. I always give...Continue reading      141 Comments » Read more

RA News Headlines, Vol. 6: Ibuprofen for Pain, Orencia Shots, New RA test, RA Inflammation Increases CV Risk

4 Big Headlines for RA News 1) Ibuprofen beats acetaminophen & a combination of both in knee pain Thanks to Dr. Kirsch for Tweeting this fantastic editorial about an arthritis pain relief study in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases last week. The column highlights data in a new long-term study of the two most popular over-the-counter pain...Continue reading      8 Comments » Read more

Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Relief: What Do You Know?

The topic of pain relief came up last week in the Twitter #rheum chat. A couple of people Tweeted that their rheumatologists don’t give them pain relief meds.  I hear that from people sometimes, and I wondered… Whose responsibility is it to provide Rheumatoid Arthritis pain relief? The huge pain study by Strand showed 72% of Rheumatoid...Continue reading      38 Comments » Read more

Aspirin and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Once upon a time, aspirin was the daily therapy of choice for Rheumatoid Arthritis. What happened to aspirin’s role with RA? Were claims justified that the new NSAIDs were less toxic than aspirin, diminishing its role? Aspirin largely replaced by newer NSAIDs People turned from aspirin to NSAIDs because they believed NSAIDs to be safer, but one study...Continue reading      16 Comments » Read more

Perception, Reputation, & Information: How Do We Decide about Dangerous Drugs?

Widespread mis-information on methotrexate In an article in The Rheumatologist, Dr. Bruce Cronstein writes about his frustration with misinformation online about methotrexate. He wonders aloud whether there is some intentional campaign against it. I guess many websites paint an ominous picture of the sunny yellow liquid – or pills – we love to hate. There are...Continue reading      60 Comments » Read more

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