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Three Things Not to Say about Plagiarism to a Blogger

1) Oh, that’s just flattery, they like your writing. 2) Well, at least the message is getting out. 3) Don’t say anything because that will make you look bad. All of these have been said to me. And I’m not buying it. Click image to enlarge. My regular followers know that for I’ve been typing away about Rheumatoid Arthritis on...Continue reading      55 Comments » Read more

Patient Stories May Provide Real Help via Social Media

70 Patient stories on RA Warrior Today we add eight new stories to the RA onset story pages! Patients tell their own stories of how their Rheumatoid Arthritis developed and how they found a diagnosis. There are currently 70 Rheumatoid Arthritis patient stories on this site. There are 3 reasons I created these pages: I found other...Continue reading      7 Comments » Read more

Health Blogging: Complications and Blessings

Health blogging as a patient is tough The last month has been hard. Who am I kidding? The last five years have been brutal. The RA is always the same: Just a little worse than yesterday. Like so many of you, I look for ways to make lemonade out of this bitter pain. That’s why I started...Continue reading      37 Comments » Read more

Rheumatoid Arthritis Joint Damage Preventable with Lifestyle Changes?

It’s difficult to know where to begin after a week of being offline and away from the computer. Writing projects are piled up; I’m still working at about 25 percent of my usual pace. I’ve decided my first couple of blogs will be in response to some faithful, lovely readers who’ve written to me personally...Continue reading      39 Comments » Read more
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